Find the roots of your family tree

If you are looking to visit the sites of your family heritage or even just want to research your ancestry via the archives in Scotland Glasgow Chauffeur Hire can help you. We offer bespoke ancestry tours, we will drive you around Scotland to wherever you wish to visit all in the comfort of our luxury vehicles. We can help you come up with a custom itinerary so that your time here in Scotland is fruitful; whether it be at the official archives or to find your ancestors homes; Glasgow Chauffeur Company will go the extra mile to help you.

Needing help finding your ancestry?

Not only do we offer our bespoke chauffeur services, we can also help you with on the ground research prior to your visit to Scotland. With strong ties with Visit Scotland, Glasgow’s Mitchell Library, Scotland’s People Centre (Part of Scotland’s National Archives) we can do a good deal of leg work so you have a much clearer idea of what will like to see and visit once you get here.

Visit Scotland have also made a great 6 step list on how to start researching your Scottish Ancestry which you can find here.

Make sure you see the sites

One thing we like to make sure we do for our clients when they are researching their family history is to ensure they also get to see the sights of Scotland at the same time. We can do this by planning our routes with our expert knowledge of our beautiful country once we get your itinerary and with very slightly adjusted routes allow you to see more whilst you are with us here, and with all of the creature comfort of home when you are on the road, such as on board WiFi and chilled drinks.

About us

We are one of Glasgow most prestigious and premier executive chauffeurdrive companies. With a long tradition of excellence and professionalism our clients keep coming back to us because of the service we deliver time and time again.

Our executive car fleet are all Mercedes vehicles; this is no mistake. We only want touse the best cars for driving you between destinations and feel the ride quality,luxury materials and overall experience insidethe cars are much better than other vehicles!

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